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children of the earth

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The vision of Anak Bumi is a heart filled mission that honors the purity of life and our place in the world. In connecting with mind and body, our unfolding journey further activated, rooting and rising through yoga and wellness, and led to the energy vortex of Bali, Indonesia. We have chosen to honor the humbling and rejuvenating energy of Bali with the name Anak Bumi, translating in many ways, but the prominent being "children of the earth". With much love and collaboration, we have created a space in hopes to promote growth, in not only self but one another - as we are all children of this beautiful earth.

Our story


Join us for a reawakening at a beautiful nature reserve located in Santa Marta, Colombia. Enjoy accommodations and exploration in "the secret jungle," a reforestation project and ecolodge in the Sierra Nevadas. This experience includes: daily guided yoga and meditation, healing workshops, massages, fire and cacao ceremonies, sweat lodge, sound baths and more.


August 14, 2024 - August 18, 2024


Reserva Biologica Caoba

Paso del Mango, via Masinga, Santa Marta, Bonda, Magdalena, Colombia

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